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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Where are we located?

Our Eau Claire South side classroom and main administrative office is located at 2027 Fairfax Street, directly across the street from Memorial High School. Our North side classroom is located at 2425 Seymour Road, next to Pizza Del Re! Our classrooms are licensed and certified by the Wisconsin DMV for Driver Education of Pre-18 and Adult students. We are also licensed to provide permit testing to all of our students.

What is our curriculum like?

Our certified Driver Education curriculum provides 30 hours of in-classroom education along with 6 driving sessions at two hours each for a total of 12 driving hours. Each drive time consists of one hour of behind the wheel driving and one hour of observation.

The 30-hour classroom program is provided in 15 two-hour sessions.

With our staff of certified Behind-The-Wheel Instructors, we offer a flexible schedule to accommodate our students' many activities.

What is an Instruction Permit? Do I need one? How do I get one?

If you have not previously held a drivers license, you must first get an INSTRUCTION PERMIT at any DMV Service Center.

1. To get an INSTRUCTION PERMIT, you must:

Be at least 15 1/2 years of age, AND pass the Knowledge and Highway Signs Tests and Vision screening. We are licensed to provide the Knowledge and Sign testing for your permit. The Vision screening must be done at the DMV.

2. IF YOU ARE UNDER 18, you are required to:

  • Have completed or be enrolled in an approved Behind-the-Wheel Driver Ed Course which begins within 60 Days of the date your Driver Ed Instructor certifies your application.
  • Have your ADULT SPONSOR sign the application. The Sponsor's Signature must be witnessed by either a Notary Public OR an Authorized DMV Employee.

NOTE: Your Instruction Permit is valid for 12 MONTHS. If you need to renew your permit or get a duplicate, you will be asked to provide proof that you are currently enrolled in or have completed Driver Ed. You will have to obtain another MV3001 form from us to do this.

3. Submit Proof of Name, Date of Birth, AND Identity:

  • To prove your Name and Date of Birth, bring a CERTIFIED copy of your Birth Certificate or a Passport (copies are not accepted), OR
  • A Wisconsin Photo ID Card or a Valid (or expired less than 8 years) Driver License from another State.
  • NOTE: Hospital Notification of Birth or Baptismal Certificates are NOT Acceptable. You can get a Certified Copy of you Birth Certificate at the Register of Deeds Office in the County where you were born. If you were born in Wisconsin, you can contact: VITAL RECORDS, P.O. BOX 309 , MADISON , 53701. (You will be charged a small fee.)
  • To prove your Identity, bring one other acceptable form of Identification which has your Name and Signature OR Photograph (I.E., Driver Education Course completion Certificate, Military or Student ID Card, Social Security Card, etc.).
  • Visit the DMV Website or call the number listed on the inside back cover of the Wisconsin Motorists' Handbook to find out what other Identification Documents are acceptable.

    NOTE: You may be required to show Proof of Wisconsin Residency. For more information, visit the DMV Website or call the number listed on the inside back cover of the Wisconsin Motorists' Handbook.

What are the restrictions of the instruction permit?

You may drive only when you: 1. Are accompanied by a person with two years driving experience who holds a valid REGULAR License (cannot be a Probationary or Occupational) AND who sits in the front passenger seat AND IS
  • A Qualified Instructor 19 or Older. (Up to three others may ride along if the car is equipped with Dual Controls), OR
  • A Parent, Guardian or Spouse 19 or Older (Your immediate family members may ride along in the back seat), OR
  • A Person 21 or Older. (IF YOU ARE UNDER 18, this person must be designated in writing by your parent or guardian prior to accompanying you while driving a vehicle.)
NOTE: If you have not completed the Classroom Portion of Driver Ed, you must be within 60 Days of starting Behind-the-Wheel.